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What's the best U.S. city for New Year's Eve? Probably not what you think
WalletHub ranked 100 U.S. cities based on how budget-friendly yet entertaining they are for New Year's Eve celebrations. Here are the top 12. - photo by Payton Davis
When picking a prime spot for New Year's Eve night, people must find balance between a place "hashtag-worthy" and budget-friendly.

So WalletHub, a personal finance resource, ranked 100 U.S. cities "based on 17 key factors to help you decide where you want to be as you count down to the new year." WalletHub considered entertainment, costs and safety in its list.

Kate Fustich wrote for Bustle that destination No. 1 might be a bit surprising.

After all, it's Orlando, Florida not New York that earned the top spot.

"So, where is the best place to celebrate New Year's Eve? It might not be what you're thinking," according to Bustle. "Although from what you see on TV from Ryan Seacrest and company each year, New York City is the best party in the world on Dec. 31 but financial planning site WalletHub has done a little digging, and they've calculated where the best places to ring in the new year truly are."

Meanwhile, North Las Vegas, Nevada; Newark, New Jersey; Jersey City, New Jersey; and Hileah, Florida, sat at the bottom of the list, WalletHub's report read.

New Year's Eve has a small chance to "ruin your finances over one night of entertainment," WalletHub reported. However, with the list's affordable options in mind, people shouldn't avoid fun on the holiday.

"Don't get us wrong, though. We don't recommend staying home with the cats and pouring yourself a glass of sparkling grape juice just to save a few bucks," according to WalletHub. "In fact, you have plenty of fun yet affordable options for celebrating #NYE2016."
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