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Teen shot near railroad tracks
Teen shot

A 16 year old teenager was shot and wounded while walking alongside railroad tracks in Hinesville. The section of the railroad tracks where the incident took place is managed and operated by Fort Stewart,

 According to Hinesville Police Officer, LT Dennis Poulson, the shooting occurred shortly before 10 p.m. on the section of the railroads tracks along Saunders Ave.

 Poulson said three teens were walking along the tracks. Two of the teenagers turned around to head back home leaving the third teenage, a 16-year old boy.

 As the two teens walked toward Saunders Avenue they heard gun fire and their friend yell out he had been hit.

The two teens carried the wounded friend to the front of Quality Furniture where they waited for police to arrive. Poulson said the teen had a gunshot wound to his lower right leg. The teen was transported to Winn Army Community Hospital on Fort Stewart due to its status as a level 4 Trauma Center. According to Detective Kyle Laraimore a wepaon has been recovered from the crime scene.

The shooting remains under investigation by Fort Stewart authorities.


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