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Walker Group addresses concerns with school board
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The Long County Board of Education met in regular session Monday night to discuss an upcoming conference, appoint delegates, and approve the board attorney. 

The board also heard public comment from the Walker Alumni Group concerning changes to use policies concerning the former Walker Elementary School.

Walker Alumni Group spokesman Mr. Porter addressed the board to ask for clarification about when and how the building can be used by the group and if the marker purchased and installed by the group in July 2019 will be left where it has been placed. 

Group members filled the board room, showing how important the school, specifically use of the cafeteria, is to them.

According to Porter, the group has been asked to purchase liability insurance for their semi-monthly meetings. He says the fire alarm system has had issues in the school, and that is the reason that has been cited to the group for this required insurance. 

“I understood when we met in November that [the Walker Alumni] could use the building with a use of premises form and liability insurance if we held an event,” Porter said. “It raises a concern for us if we need to provide [insurance] long-term because it doesn’t make sense if we’re not the custodians of the building.”

Board member Florence Baggs said it had been her understanding that the Walker Alumni Group would only be required to purchase liability insurance if they held an event, such as a class reunion. 

Porter simply asked if the use of the building for a meeting of six to 10 people would be a possibility for the group. 

School Board Chairwoman Dr. Carolyn Williamson told the group that board member Baggs and Mr. Porter brought details to her attention that she had not previously known and the board would consider their concerns and get back to them as soon as possible.

Baggs asked the board to put their decision in writing so there is no future confusion about how and when the building can be used.

The board appointed Dennis DeLoach and Julie Dawson to serve as delegate and alternate delegate for the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) Summer Conference scheduled for June 4-6.

The board also approved Jeff Arnold as the School Board’s attorney and congratulated Long County Middle School and Long County High School boys’ basketball teams for their region championships this past weekend. 

The next Long County Board of Education meeting is scheduled for March 9 at 5:30 p.m. at 468 S. McDonald St. in Ludowici. 

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