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2020 has got me thinking....
Patty Leon

You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits.

I grew up watching Outer Limits and Twilight Zone. I was hooked on shows like In Search Of and The X-Files. I loved the way Sci-Fi shows and movies mixed real life with a speculative or alternative reality. 

Or at least I thought I did until now.

Welcome to the year 2020 where the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred together. It’s like we are living in the plot of the 1995 film Outbreak.

In January many of us were glued to our TVs, watching the devastating fires that consumed 47 million acres of land and possibly billions of wildlife in Australia. That same month we also watched the Impeachment and acquittal of President Donald Trump. 

Around February Scientists began to warn us about a new and potentially deadly virus called COVID-19. Some people claim it to be a hoax.  Yet, more than 150,000 have died from the disease, so far. 

By March we were living under a New World Order (Oh-Oh bet this starts something). A new set of rules that required us to stay indoors, socially isolate and distance from each other, work from home, teach from home, learn from home, and pretty much just STAY HOME. 

And it’s a good thing we did because it meant that less people were exposed to the sudden influx of Murder Hornets and flying snakes. I’m still waiting for the weatherman to tell me they’ve spotted a real Sharknado and it’s heading this way.

But you can’t stay home forever. Of course not. So, we started to reopen restaurants and beauty salons. I mean people got to eat and look good while doing so, am I right?

At first, we were told that masks were useless, unless of course you’re a healthcare professional in a medical setting. Then we were told that masks help slow the spread of COVID-19, and that we should wear one when out in public, especially in places where social distancing is difficult. Then some places mandated that masks be worn and BOOM. We now have mask wars.

It’s the maskers versus the anti-maskers, not one of which are true Scientists or experts in this field, fighting it out on Facebook over who is right and who is wrong.

Well which is it? 

Aren’t they both right? If I choose to wear one because it may help shouldn’t I be able to wear one without being attacked? If you choose not to wear one because you think it doesn’t help or matter, then don’t wear one. That is your personal choice. 

But don’t expect to be welcomed into a business that adopted a policy requiring that masks be worn. Just go to another business. Don’t attack their employees for merely making a living and following company policy. That’s just plain stupid and rude.

And then there are the experts!

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells us to where masks, a vaccine is coming, and Hydroxychloroquine is harmful and should not be used. As recently as April the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons said they had a lot of success using Hydroxychloroquine combined with other medicines to TREAT COVID-19. Emphasis on the word TREAT, as there is nor cure for COVID to date, contrary to what another expert, Dr. Stella Immanuel has claimed.

The Houston Physician, born in Cameroon, is controversial to say the least. She is also the Pastor of Fire Power Ministries and has claimed that alien DNA is being used in medical treatments, the government is run by lizard people, that endometriosis and infertility and other health issues are the result of having sex dreams with witches and demons and that someone is creating a vaccine to prevent people from being Religious. 

Is she right? Is she wrong?

Who the heck knows at this point!

I mean the Pentagon is preparing to release their studies on UFOs, we now know Area 51 is real and Bigfoot’s real name is Darrell. Anything is possible, especially in 2020.

Who the heck are we supposed to believe?

Just this past week the Liberty County School System announced they are suspending all fall sports and extracurricular activities due to the growing number of coronavirus cases. 

On one hand I can appreciate the Liberty County School System operating under an abundance of caution. They are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the children.  Yet what about the kids? Especially the seniors, who are missing out on physical and social activities and possibly the opportunity of receiving an athletic scholarship.

Was it the right thing to do? I don’t have that answer. The world is in chaos right now and I plan to go hide somewhere until this Sci-Fi show is over.

                         Patty Leon

Senior Editor

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