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Blog: Help for our troops
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I have emailed Jack Kingston two times now. I feel that I have been pushed to the side or “swept under the carpet.

Rep. Jack Kingston,

Hello. I am writing to you again as I never have received a response to the first email that I sent to you.
I understand the need for our troops in Iraq. But I strongly feel that sending the same troops over and over again is becoming detrimental to their mental well-being.
My fiance, Staff Sgt. Samuel E. Newman, is on his fourth tour over there and every time he comes back he has more problems than he had from the precious time. He came home for R&R and choked me four times in his sleep. I now am on medication because he almost caused me to have a mental breakdown.
I support our country and our soldiers but I think there should be a limit as to how many tours our service members have to serve in theater. My fiance has been in (the military) 16 years and is ready to throw away a career because of his problems. Medical doctors  and psychiatrists have a name for what is going on with him — post traumatic stress disorder. He has all of the classic signs, yet when the psychiatrists asked for extra time, they said he should be getting help in theater. Does anyone realize that sometimes these problems do not surface until they return home and the families are the ones who suffer along with the service member?
What is it going to take to make everyone realize we are not there. We do not know what their day-to-day life is. There is a breaking point even for the “best of the best” the military has to offer. The way I see it, we are pushing our soldiers to the limit.
I saw on the news two days ago, when the general of Fort Stewart was on the news, that morale was high. That is certainly not true. It was also said the media is giving us family members a bad taste in our mouths. This is not the case. We family members live this when our husbands or significant others call, write or come home. The way I see it, the military is pushing these soldiers to their breaking points and they have no way out. No matter how many DA 4187’s they put in, they get denied.
If a soldier is having this many issues, he should ultimately have the opportunity to get out and have some sort of compensation. Otherwise, you are going to be dealing with soldiers coming home and accidentally hurting or killing someone in their sleep as I have dealt with. I do not even let our 1-year-old daughter sleep with us because I am afraid he is going to accidentally hurt her.
Extending our soldiers three months is very unfair to them and they deserve to be treated much better than they are being treated. I have been spoken down to by my fiance’s rear detachment and I have written to you about this before.
I have not gotten one phone call or email regarding that issue so I am also going to publish this in the Coastal Courier. I would appreciate it if our voices were heard. You are supposed to be our voice. That is why we voted you into office. This is a Democracy Shouldn’t we all be treated fairly — our soldiers first and foremost? They are protecting our freedom.

Blogger: Kathy_Weaver70

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