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BoE should rethink its spending
Letter to editor
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Editor, I think it’s a shame that the Liberty County Board of Education is getting ready to invest millions of dollars in a football stadium while our kids are out on teachers’ furlough days.
Why do athletics seem to be more important than education? Teachers are not getting paid. Our kids are not learning what they are supposed to. But renovating a football field is important? Are you kidding me?
And they need to do more for students who are advanced. I begged Dr. Scherer two years ago to give my daughter the opportunity to skip a grade because she is bored out of her mind at her grade level. But no — Dr. Scherer thinks it would just open up a can of worms. In my opinion, it would be work that she doesn’t want to be bothered with. It is really annoying to see that.
I have three children in school here and am ready to move them to another county because the schools here are no good.

— Alexandra Barnes

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