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Candidate believes in term limits
Letter to editor
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Editor, As a resident of Georgia’s 1st Congressional District, I am an ardent supporter of term limits. I don’t believe our nation’s founders would like the idea of a man elected to represent the people making a career out of that trust.  
I already was impressed with 1st District candidate Dr. Bob Johnson; however, his recent move to sign the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge last week has put him leaps and bounds above the other candidates in the race for Jack Kingston’s seat.
Johnson has committed to acting on our behalf in a capacity that best benefits the citizens of the 1st District. He is someone who is aware that members of Congress weren’t intended to serve the course of their lives as congressmen. We need people in Congress who possess the drive to serve their districts much like a soldier, and Johnson is the only individual in this race with a proven track record of selfless public service and the qualifications necessary to remove the culture of incumbency protection from our nation’s capital.  
Its time to return to our foundation. I believe Dr. Bob Johnson will truly represent we the people.

— Mike Shaver

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