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Carrying on does no good
Letter to editor
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Editor, What are the protesters at the Wisconsin state legislature going to do now? Do they intend to violently overthrow the state government?
They are boiling over with rage as if screaming and shouting will change the outcome of an election. If their demands are not met, what will be their next step — guns? Will they overturn and burn police cars in the streets?
Democrats lost significantly last November but some are drowning in denial. They believe that they are divinely entitled to be in charge.  In Wisconsin, all of the senate Democrats fled to Illinois and refused to do what they were elected to do. They are shameless cowards.
Those senators may have been under orders from the union bosses not to return. Democrats certainly respect, or fear, union bosses more than they respect the voters. The union leaders claim they are fighting for the children, but they are not. If this fight was intended to benefit the children, poorly performing teachers could be fired, but union contracts will not allow that.
These protests are in support of the union bosses and teacher tenure. It is to continue to allow the union bosses to extort dues from their members and spend that money to support liberal politicians. The members have no say in how the money is spent. The liberal politicians take the money and pass laws that give higher pay and more benefits to the unions. It is a wickedly incestuous circle. It is two-way, legalized bribery using taxpayer money.
Also at the Wisconsin state capital building, it looks like a mob of angry hippies at a Vietnam War protest in the late 1960s. They are having temper tantrums like undisciplined 2-year-olds. They are screaming, banging on drums and breaking windows.
After several days, the trash began to pile up and the building needed to be cleaned, but some of those nuts refused to leave. They had to be physically carried out by the police. This is raw liberalism on display. I’ll call it “brain pollution.”
Why can’t liberals accept reality when they lose elections and work toward winning future elections? Why do they demand and expect to get their way even when they lose? Could it be pollution?
You cannot change the minds of responsible people by calling them names, screaming in their faces and/or banging on drums. Honest and civil debate of the issues might change people’s minds.

— Al Teal

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