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Celebrate recycling at Saturday fair
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Sara Swida is director of Liberty County's Keep Liberty Beautiful.

Happy America Recycles Day! This Wednesday is America Recycles Day. This day is the only nationally recognized day that promotes and encourages recycling in the USA.

If you have never recycled, this would be a great week to start. Although over the last several decades, recycling in America has certainly increased significantly, we still have over $9 billion in recyclable items being thrown in the trash each year.

We are Americans! We can do a lot better than that! Shame on us. There is opportunity for all of us for even greater contribution to recycling efforts to reduce the waste stream. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of America Recycles Day this year, I urge you to recycle and reuse more of the stuff you use, and reduce more of the waste that you create to minimize harm to our environment.

You are invited to join us this week at our Recycle It! Fairs. I do not believe there is one household in Liberty County that does not have items that they could easily recycle with us next Saturday, Nov. 18. We provide quarterly events to make recycling household items easier with our Recycle It! Fairs. At these fairs we have collections for numerous household items that every family has. Join us with a few of these items listed below and learn how easy recycling actually is.

This quarter’s fairs are scheduled from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Saturday at three convenient locations:

Liberty County Health Department, 1113 East Oglethorpe Hwy. in Hinesville

Liberty County Community Complex, 9397 East Oglethorpe in Midway

Walthourville City Hall , 222 Busbee Drive in Walthourville

Here are the items we will accept (and I know you have this stuff):

• Electronics and accessories – computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, etc.

• Cell phones and accessories

• Household paint (but the cans must be sealed well and clean — not rusted — and at least half full.) This paint is donated for reuse purposes and so it must be viable. If you have old paint in inadequate containers, please open the cans, add either sand or cat litter and let the paint dry up completely so that you can then toss the cans in the regular garbage.

• LED, CFLs and fluorescent light bulbs

• Used motor oil and antifreeze (at the Health Department)

• Car batteries

• Household batteries

• Printer ink and toner cartridges

• Telephone books, large sale catalogs and books

• Household goods and clothes and shoes (gently used, please)

• Old prescription medications and over the counter medications (no needles, syringes or liquids)

Recycling does make a difference that you can contribute to every day:

• Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators

• Conserves natural resources

• Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect as many new raw materials

• Conserves energy in manufacturing.

So join us Saturday. I’ll be looking for you. Happy America Recycles Day!

Make every day an environmentally-kind day with Keep Liberty Beautiful. Call 880-4888 or email

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