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Children know where its at
Life in Liberty
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Our kids teach us so many lessons, don’t they? Recently my daughter reminded me about the importance of taking nothing for granted.

When my 10-month-old Anastasia is upset, I do my best to console her. Typically, I encircle her with toys, push all their buttons and hope the chaos of ABC choruses and animal sounds will somehow cheer her.

But she always surprises me. Even though I’ve been around kids my whole life and I’m no stranger to the baby’s preference for a box over a fancy new toy, it still surprises me. More than cool toys, she would rather play with the things mommy doesn’t even notice. The mail that I let pile high before finally dealing with it, she thinks is the greatest treasure. The trash rates high above her toy box and the toilet is her holy grail, far more precious than any kiddy pool.

That last one was a little gross, but I’m being a transparent mom here. I leave her alone for no more than a minute, and she somehow finds her way to the toilet every time. It’s disgusting, but I’m hoping it’s a sign that maybe she’ll be ready for potty training early.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that in a world where we’re so encouraged to value the new toys, she reminds me that I don’t always see the value in what is right in front of me. Who cares about cell phone upgrades and newer model cars when a sweet little girl is driving a box like a car right in front of you?

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