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Congratulations to HomeProud winners
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Sometimes, I think I focus too much on the litter. But it is the nature of what I do.
I ride down the road and see how much litter is there. As I have mentioned before, I am incredibly accurate at counting pieces of litter as I ride down the road. It might be a sickness. It is definitely an easy habit to sink into.
Same thing with properties. It is easy for me to focus primarily on homes, yards and businesses that are crying out for help.  That kind of focus makes it easy to lose sight of the positive things all around.  There are plenty of roads that have little litter most of the time. And there are countless homes and businesses in our community that can make us all proud.
We call it HomeProud, that feeling so many homeowners have about their homes. They make maintaining their homes a habit they willingly keep. We want to celebrate these local citizens who make this effort all year long. Their yards look attractive, and they help to enhance the look of our whole community.
I am excited to share this new recognition program that we are unveiling this week with our sponsor, The Coastal Courier.
HomeProud is a recognition program to honor attractive, well-maintained yards around our community. As you may know, communities often have some version of a yard of the month program. Often, these programs tend to focus on a main town or populated area or, unfortunately, a certain socioeconomic level.  We want to make sure that all areas and populations are represented.
I really believe that, barring significant physical limitations of homeowners, any home and yard can be taken care of no matter the socioeconomic level of the household. Even well-maintained modest homes and yards can represent our county well.  
The HomeProud program is our way of reminding everyone to look at our homes through the eyes of our neighbors. We believe all citizens can participate in making our community an attractive and inviting place to live and visit — one yard at a time, if needed. I think that is what will distinguish our HomeProud program from many other communities.
We sincerely appreciate the Courier for its partnership in this program. We also thank the public officials and civic leaders who helped canvass our county to select the first group of worthy candidates to recognize.
Most of all, we thank these homeowners for “keeping up appearances” in the best of ways. They make our community a better place. I also thank our board members at Keep Liberty Beautiful, as well as LaCandace Proctor in our office. They all hang in there as we expand our programs for Keep Liberty Beautiful. They truly make things happen in a positive way time and again in our community.
Our honorees are recognized in the current issue of Liberty Life Magazine, as well as on the websites and Facebook pages for Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Coastal Courier. I hope you will take the time to check out this variety of local homes on our picture galleries. They are inspiring.
What was even more inspiring, as we went through the selection process, was how hard it was to limit the number of houses to nominate. We have so many homes in the county that we all can take pride in.
Thank you to our honorees: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hawkins, Flemington; Debbie Whitehurst, Flemington; Daniel and Karen Quinlan, Fleming; Andy and Hayle Adams, Fleming; Brenda Hearn, Allenhurst/Walthourville; Brenda Shelton, Walthourville; Donnie and Rachel Hawkins, Hinesville; Mr. and Mrs. Crowell, Hinesville; Henry and Alice Lowe, Hinesville; Russell and Zorana Dandy, Hinesville; Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Phillips Jr., Hinesville; Lynn and Judy Lampi, Hinesville; Ted Eby, Lake George; Teddy and Denise Kelley, Midway/East End; John Henry and Doris Rogers, Midway/East End; Edsel and Marsha Smith, Midway/East End; Midway United Methodist Church Pastor’s House, Midway; Joseph and Shelia Thomas, Midway; Pamela and Troy Miller, Lake Gale; Charisse Wilkins, Riceboro; Malinda Mclver, Riceboro; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Mobley, Riceboro.

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