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Disappointed for county's children
Letter to the editor

Editor: It appears, according to recent reporting, the BOE is considering expanding extra-curriculum sports programs down to the middle schools. Programs that help build character, team spirit, physical fitness, responsibility, etc. in our school children in their formative years.

Something positive rather than the alternative is a good thing.

According to the report, this important issue has been raised for several months by board member Marcus Scott, but alas there is one major hurdle — money.

Lest we forget, not so very long ago Chairwoman Lily Baker and all the BoE members (minus Scott) voted to give ex superintendent Dr. Valya S. Lee around $15,900 every month for the next 12 months after her contract expired in May.

They weren’t contractually obligated to this $190,000, but for some still unknown reason felt the need to provide this largesse for absolutely nothing in return.

While ex-super Lee just celebrated Christmas in July with the second of her 12 installments, under the tree for the county middleschoolers remains giftless.

I hope all elected officials within the confines of Liberty County realize negative actions result in negative consequences.

Disappointed for the children.

Bruce A McCartney

Trade Hill Community

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