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Do something about city's eyesores
Letter to editor
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Editor, The Hinesville City Council should be commended for its wish to improve the city’s “curb appeal,” but before enacting additional regulations (such as those concerning polycarts), they should enforce the regulations already on the books.
Within a half-mile of my house, there are numerous violations. In the past two to three years, I have yet to see any violation tickets issued or the situations improved.
For example:
• A house on Kelly Drive has six or seven vehicles parked in the front yard on what once was grass. At least three of the vehicles have not been moved in more than two years. I would guess that these three — and probably others — do not have a current tag or the taxes paid on them.
• A house on Kelly Drive has been vacant for more than three years. The damaged rear portion has been a home to feral cats and other animals. The yard is overgrown and the fence damaged.
• A house on Glenn Bryant has been vacant for almost four years. The tarp on the roof has rotted; fascia boards are rotten and hanging; and the yard is overgrown.
• A house on Kelly Drive has been empty for more than eight months. It sits with a swinging storm door that is damaged more and more with every wind storm, and it has an overgrown yard.
• A vacant lot on Pineland Avenue has weeds taller than 3 feet. It was for sale about four years ago.
In speaking to other individuals in Hinesville, I have found that this is common in many neighborhoods. Citizens who are trying to keep up their own property are tired of asking the city what is going to be done about vacant houses that are falling down. One was told that as long as the taxes are paid, nothing can be done to order the owner to clean up the property or even board up broken windows and doors. Yes, I did report the house with the multiple vehicles. This was more than two years ago and there has been no improvement.
In many places, polycarts by the curb are often an improvement to the neighborhood. At least a Hinesville visitor or newcomer can look at the polycart and maybe miss the decaying property, overgrown building lots, multiple non-working cars and trash hoarded in yards.
The Savannah News had a column on the eyesores in Savannah. Perhaps we need that for Hinesville or even all of Liberty County. Just ask and you would have more than enough submissions for such a column.

— Lillian Shurtleff

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