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Don't blame Midway PD for enforcing law
Letter to editor
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Editor, In response to the news article about the Midway police shutting down the girls’ lemonade stand, I’m saddened and offended that we choose this story as front page news! Why is this breaking news? First, this is not news, and second, it is the law!
If we have a law, it must be followed and/or enforced.  We cannot pick and choose what is enforced and what we ignore. So, do not blame Chief Morningstar or the Midway Police Department for the incident with the lemonade stand. The law is the law and they were only doing their jobs by enforcing it. For laws to work, officials can’t pick and choose which ones to enforce. Unfortunately, that sometimes means allowing logic to prevail over emotion. It’s just not OK for some laws to be broken.  If you don’t like a law, pressure your officials to change it.
The girls unknowingly were in violation of the law.  Ignorance of the law does not constitute an excuse for not following it. Second, who knows if that lemonade was made using sanitary procedures? If the lemonade had made people ill or killed someone, would we be as outraged that the police shut it down? The police were absolutely correct in shutting it down. It was a violation of the law and quite possibly posed a health hazard.
Yes, I feel a bit sorry for the girls — I had a lemonade stand as a kid, too — but this is a good lesson. What are we teaching kids when we report that what the police did was wrong and that we should feel sorry for the girls whose lemonade stand was shut down? We’re teaching them that it’s OK to violate the law as long as it’s convenient and profitable to do so. That’s not the right way to teach a child. The law is the law and you cannot selectively enforce it. Period.
To anyone else offended by the officer’s actions, get over it. We cannot turn those charged with enforcing the law into bad guys. They didn’t make the laws, so it’s unfair to blame them for something you feel may be wrong.
Stop it with all of this “faux outrage” and report something worth reporting. Is there really so little news going on that you have to sensationalize something like this and turn it into news? Really? What happened to the days when news people took pride in presenting a story in an unbiased manner? 
Edward R. Murrow and Julius Curtis Lewis Jr. are rolling in their graves right now over the state of what now passes for journalism. Integrity? Look it up.

— Scott Brown

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