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Don't cut taxes on backs of retirees
Letter to the editor
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Editor: As a member of the federal community who served our country for 40 plus years, I am deeply concerned that my hard-earned benefits will be cut to offset proposed tax policy changes. I ask Buddy Carter, our representative, and John Isaskson and David Perdue, our senators, to oppose such cuts to the federal community.

I based my career and retirement planning on long-standing, promised benefit calculations. Any cuts to what I earned break that promise and denigrate the value of public service.

Congress is currently debating reforms to our tax code. Paying for touted tax relief on the backs of middle class federal employees and retirees is wrong. My retirement and health benefits were earned through years of hard work — they are not gifts to rescind.

Buddy Carter has voted twice for this resolution, maybe he has lost touch with his district since there are more than 70,000 of us living and working here.

Maybe it is time we vote him out of office.

Joseph DellaVolle


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