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Don't use the 'blame game'
Letter to editor
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Editor,  I read with great interest Len Calderone’s article in the Wednesday, May 18, edition of the Coastal Courier titled, “Stand proudly as an ‘unhyphenated American.’” I pretty much agreed with everything he said until he ruined it all by blaming liberals for the creation of ethnic “hyphenism” (his word, not mine).
I would like to tell Mr. Calderone that my conservative friend, Al Teal, already has the local liberal-bashing market cornered and Mr. Teal is much better at it than Mr. Calderone.
If Mr. Calderone wishes to further write columns in an attempt to make unambiguous or irrefutable points of view, I suggest to him that he does not taint his columns with the oft-utilized “blame game.” Otherwise, he should just publicly own up to his right-wing-conservative points of view and stop trying to pass himself off as an unbiased editorialist with his slanted blather.
If he chooses not to do so, he will be guilty of becoming what he so vehemently states he is against in his column: He will become just another American-liberal-basher.
Please note the hyphens above, Mr. Calderone.
— Jimmy Darsey

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