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Earth Day is educational fun
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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I am not sure that I would make a good spy. I really like to be up-front about things, so I probably would blow my cover.  
But I do hope that this month I will make a great undercover “educator” along with 200 of our closest friends at Keep Liberty Beautiful. That is just what we will be doing from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 22, during the eighth annual Earth Day Celebration at the YMCA soccer fields.
Our Earth Day event is all about environmental education cleverly disguised as fun. We are working undercover to make education about our Earth happen with a whole lot of fun activities.  
So is Earth Day for you? Well, if you are breathing, I think it is. Sorry!  No zombies allowed!
Anyone at any age who wants to come out for a few hours and celebrate the Earth should join us. Young or old, I think you will find something that interests you and possibly something you did not know — that is where that undercover education comes in again.
So I ask you: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through a storm drain?  Well, on Earth Day, kids (and any flexible adults) will have the chance to do just that.  
I have crawled through the tunnel myself, so I know it is possible for other curious adults, too.  
Normally, the only travelers through our local storm drains are rain water and any unfortunate litter and debris that have accumulated in the areas around these drains. The Journey Through a Storm Drain is one of over 60 games, crafts and activities that will be at the celebration.  
We do plan this celebration with kids of all ages in mind, but particularly for the younger young-at-hearts.
Our secret plan is to start them caring about the environment at a young age. If we can recruit them into our “devious plan” at this age, then we are on our way to world domination and a healthier planet. We believe they will care about our Earth forever.  An array of activities will educate our fun-lovers about water conservation, stormwater pollution and nonpoint source pollution, recycling and waste reduction, and litter and how it cripples our world.
We definitely cannot put this thing on by ourselves. Our incredible partners make this event possible. They include the Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Georgia Power Company, the Coastal Electric Cooperative (EMC), the Canoochee EMC, the Liberty County Solid Waste Department, Fort Stewart Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR), the Hinesville Area Arts Council, as well as the cities of Hinesville, Flemington, Allenhurst, Midway, and Walthourville and also Liberty and Long counties. We sincerely appreciate their continued support for this environmentally-themed fun.
We also have about 200 volunteers who are the powerhouse of this event. They host all of the games and crafts and entertainment and other activities.
Did I mention that it is free and it is fun? But the best part, truly, is that it is information we can all use in our lives. Our planet could use a little help from all of us. So join us for this afternoon of environmental education cleverly disguised as fun. Just think of me as a “green agent 007” for Her Royal Highness, the planet Earth!
To volunteer or for more information, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email

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