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Everything seems to be out of whack!
Patty Leon new

Our politicians and politics are out of control!

I got an e-mail about the radical-left “Woke” cancel culture and how the MLB caved into them by moving their All-Star game out of Georgia due to the new Election law.

“They are telling lies about our Election Laws,” the Right said. “Donate to our PAC so we can stop them from destroying our country.”

“They are trying to suppress your vote,” the left countered. “Donate to our PAC so we can stop the racist right.”

“I won by a landslide,” said former President Donald J Trump while asking Americans to boycott Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, all while hiding a can of Coke in his office during his announcement. “Donate to my PAC so we can place America First and stop the Demo-Rats from ruining America.”

“I have bags of evidence to prove the election was stolen,” cried Mike Lindell CEO of My Pillow, while also announcing the launch of his new social media platform called Frank and wearing a red MAGA hat. “Donate to my cause so I can fight the lawsuit Dominion has filed against me and prove Trump is still our President.”

Hey wait a minute! If you are asking me to not drink Coke and not fly Delta and not watch baseball isn’t that cancel culture too?

Hypocrisy much!

Also the term “woke,” means to come to the realization of something, or become aware, consciously awakened to sensitive social issues.

When did that become a bad thing? I guess we are supposed to stay asleep to social injustices, racism and prejudices…in other words stay stupid and shut up.

And then you have Mitch McConnell, who has made millions of dollars off huge corporate donations saying Corporations should, “Stay out of politics,” (But hey I’ll still take your money though. Keep that coming).

“Real results of Joe Biden’s job killing $1.9 trillion dollar bailout that payed people to stay home,” tweeted Marjorie Taylor Greene. “Why work when the government just puts money in your back account? Unemployment and stimulus checks pay more.”

But WAIT! Weren’t the first two stimulus checks done under the Trump administration? So it was okay when the Republicans sent the stimulus money but not okay when done by the Democrats?

Again hypocrisy much!

You have the Republicans demanding that Andrew Cuomo resign. The Democrats are doing the same, asking Matt Gaetz to step down. Both men are accused of inappropriate relations. Both are denying the allegations and both men are still living large on salaries most Americans can only dream of. 

What a bunch of baloney! Get rid of them both if the allegations are proven true!

It is completely obvious that our entire political system is broken. Back in the day there was at least some semblance of two parties with different points of view working together to find some common ground.

Today all we have is a group of kindergarteners pointing the finger at each other, calling each other names and trying to out-do the other at the expense of we, the hard working men and women caught up in the middle of the nonsense, with no voice to be heard.

Even within their own party the Republicans are divided. You have those who support former President Trump and those who don’t are called a RINO (Republican in name only).

And now there is all this talk about a Vaccine passport.


Aren’t people aware that many countries already have vaccine requirements if you plan to travel to their country? Ask anyone who travels internationally and they can tell you, flat out, what vaccinations they need in order to be allowed entry into the country they plan to visit.

Aren’t children required to show proof of vaccinations to enter public school? Colleges?

Plus why cry foul when the White House has said there are no plans to implement nor create a vaccine passport. Why fight over a non-issue?

It’s stupid and a waste of time!

Nothing is ever going to get better if we can’t stop the “my way or the highway,” mentality at the Capitol and White House.

The nick-picking, name-calling crap needs to stop. Politicians need to start acting like the reasonable adults they once were, so they can do their job in moving our country forward.

We need improvements to our roadways, bridges, railways, shipping industries. We need better healthcare, lower priced medications, improved agricultural conditions, and cleaner waters. We can create more jobs, improve wages, have more innovations, improve technology, increase broadband in rural areas and reduce pollution.

We can keep our guns, our Religious freedoms and our free speech. But we can only accomplish these things if those in charge, who we elected, grow the heck up and start talking to each other in a civil manner.

-Patty Leon

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