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Freedom can also lead to bad behavior
Letter to the editor
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Yesterday, July 4, 2012, I was interviewed by WTOC reporter Evan Johnson about my feelings for Independence Day for that day’s 5:30 p.m. news.

It made me think of freedom. So today, July 5, I went across the street (Sharon in Hinesville) to showed a soldier residing there that there was garbage in his yard. I mentioned Marne 6’s house and that there was no garbage or parking in Marne 6’s yard. I have been by Marne 6’s neighborhood many times. It is very nice and clean.

The young soldier made a negative remark on the post commander. Then I noticed that he was wearing his Army ACU pants in the saggy position with part of his undies exposed. I suggested he might want to get a belt or his pants would fall all the way to his ankles, making him combat ineffective.

He made another negative remark and went inside his rental house. There are several Marne soldier rental houses in/around Sharon, Lesa and Elaine streets in with cars parked in the yard and trash in the yard.

But in all fairness to these soldiers, as a former deputy (rear) general of the 3rd Infantry Division once told me: isn’t freedom great. Yes, let freedom ring!

Joseph B. Stuart

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