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Government plans to control kids' destiny
Letter to the editor

Editor, Common Core has curriculum mandates plus tests. The reason that this educational system is designed this way is so that special-interest groups can mine data from Common Core. Common Core is, in reality, a system of data classification. The tests enable our children’s data be turned over to private organizations. No one oversees these companies nor does anyone — especially the government — know how this information will be used. Actually, this information will be accessible to the federal government. Now, Big Brother will be watching our children’s progress throughout his or her school years.
But what will happen with this information after they graduate? The government plans to justify this data mining for progressive solutions to human problems. In other words, the government plans to control the destiny of our children. The government will decide what careers will be right for our children after they graduate. If you remember, the socialist government of the USSR tried this and failed.
Because Common Core is so distant from how we learned, the government is separating our children from their parents, as parents do not have any concept of what is being taught. This is very detrimental for both our children and society.
If you saw my letter on Common Core math, you can get an idea of how disengaging Common Core is. Even highly educated engineers and math professors can’t understand the principles being taught. Now, the teacher is replacing the parent and controlling a child’s future. Our children are frustrated and confused because what the parent tries to teach their child conflicts with what the child’s teachers are postulating. Parents are being left out of the loop.
Some states have a more advanced curriculum than Common Core, but they will have to dumb down their students to the Common Core level so that all students are taught the same way, thereby allowing for data mining.
Parents, wake up before you lose your children to Big Brother. Stop Common Core before it is too late and the bridge between you and your children has been destroyed by our government.

— Len Calderone

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