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Gun rights carry responsibilities, too
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Let me first thank Mr. Calderone for his technical information about guns. As I said before, I have little knowledge about all the kinds of weapons available. I guess the term “assault weapon” came to be used because of the nature of the shootings that caused multiple casualties where that type of weapon was used.

That is why we need people with knowledge of weapons to be involved in the dialogue about gun control. Instead, the NRA reacts to any suggestion of change with their own attack, even though many of it’s members support some type of change.
The NRA began many years ago to educate and train people in the use of firearms. It provided outlets for sport shooting and hunting enthusiasts. It has now become a lobby that, in my opinion, serves the gun manufacturers rather than it’s members.
Contrary to one of it’s board members, owning any weapon you want is not a “God-given” right. Owning a gun is a constitutional right that also carries responsibilities.

As for the Second Amendment, I do believe I have an understanding of the Constitution. This amendment was written so that citizens had the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves and, if necessary, their new government. At the time it was written, citizens generally had the same weapons as the military.

I do not think our forefathers could have envisioned the type of weaponry in use today. Gun manufacturers take weapons that are created for combat purposes and rework them for a civilian market.
If this isn’t stopped, soon we will have the real military assault type weapons he described on the market, and the NRA will support that, too.

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