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Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride
Patty Leon new

So now we wait. Well I’m assuming we are waiting. I penned this column Monday under the assumption that Election Day has come and gone and that ballots are still being counted due to mail-in voting in certain battle ground states.

The whole world is anxiously waiting to see who will be declared the winner. We will either have four more years with Trump, something that the Democrats will fight against every step of the way.

Or we will have four new years under Biden, something that the Republicans will fight against from the get-go, saying the Election was rigged without evidence.

We will see if the Senate was flipped or if the Republicans remain in control. Right now, neither side is willing to let up without some sort of argument or fight.

All the TV news stations will be spewing 24-hour Election results for however long it takes until a winner is finally declared. This will keep both sides fighting each other in declaring victory. CNN will say one thing, Fox News another.

Watch Netflix and chill instead.

Basically, Election Day is over but the shenanigans are just beginning. So, hang on tight because the next few days, or weeks is going to be one hell of a turd-show.

The sad thing is we’ve lost the ability to verbally debate each other. The art of point and counterpoint has given way to acting out like children, throwing tantrums and turning to violence.

Violence never solves the problems and just makes matters worse.

It’s okay to have differences of opinions, different points of views and different family values. But it is not okay to use violence and intimidation to express your point of view. It is not okay to beat someone up for seeing things differently. It is not okay to defame or destroy others.

Yet violence is all I see now when the evening news comes on. It’s sad and it’s scary. Both sides need to chill-out or this great country of ours will be ruined for good. There is no doubt we are a wounded nation right now, and it may take several years to heal from all the division.

Whatever the results are, we need to start to work together. I have many Republican friends and while we have our differences regarding party policies, deep down we all just want to make this country the best it can be for all its citizens.

On to the next matter.

Who came up with the bright idea of Daylight Saving Time? I get the concept of wanting to have more daylight during the spring and summer but why fall back to standard time for the winter?

Don’t get me wrong I did like that extra one hour of sleep but that was just one night. I hate that it looks like midnight when it’s only 6 p.m.

Also are we done with COVID-19 yet? Everyone keeps saying that it will magically disappear by Nov. 4, so I’m just asking for a friend seeing that today is the deadline.

Next Wednesday is Veterans Day. Normally American Legion Post 321 would host a parade through downtown Hinesville but not this year.

Post 321’s First District Commander, Dennis Fitzgerald said the City of Hinesville has cancelled their Veterans Day Activities.

So, let me get this straight. We can have a car parade to hand out Halloween candy, but we can’t have a car parade or some variation thereof to honor our Nation’s Veterans?

We are home to the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River – Fort Stewart. We have a large population of retired military that live in Hinesville and Liberty County.

Dunkin Donuts was able to host their 6th annual Cars and Coffee Trunk or Treat. Cars were parked

side by side and people strolled through the parking lot collecting candy with not much social distancing being practiced, yet the City cancelled the Veterans Day Parade.

Something’s not right about this.

Instead Post 321 will be joining other Veteran groups and participate in the Veterans Day Parade happening in Port Wentworth Nov. 11.

Finally, most people know I have a lot of pets. Two of them are my Parakeets, Sampson and Delilah. I’ve had these two parakeets for about two years or more now. Monday morning I went to change their water and give them fresh food. Something caught my eye inside the cage. I had to look twice because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Mom, my parakeet laid an egg!”

My Mom thought I was kidding so she walked over and looked. Sure, enough there was an egg in the cage and Maw and Paw “Keets” were guarding over it.

This whole year has been too weird, glad it’s almost over.


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