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Help with Rivers Alive
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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I like results. I am a product of a generation that wants instant gratification, and I want it now.
So I guess it is a good thing for me that I work with a program where results are evident after every event — clean roads after litter cleanups, tons of items collected after recycling collections, trees growing strong after tree plantings and flowers blooming in the spring after beautification projects.
Even after educational programs, I see results because more people get involved every year.
So I am offering you a great opportunity. If you also like to see results, join us Saturday, Oct. 22, for the sixth annual Rivers Alive cleanup events in Liberty County.
You will see results — cleaner roads, creeks, wetlands and rivers. And we all need these areas clean because our quality of life depends on clean water.
Rivers Alive is a statewide effort to preserve and protect our waterways in Georgia.
This annual effort also is part of the international efforts of The Ocean Conservancy.
In Liberty County, we hold our main cleanup day on National Make a Difference Day, and we are a registered activity for this major volunteer drive around the country.
“USA Weekend” magazine created Make a Difference Day, an annual event that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October. This year’s action day is, of course, Saturday, Oct. 22.
Each year, approximately 3 million people care enough about their communities to volunteer on that day and accomplish thousands of needed projects in thousands of communities.
Anyone can participate by carrying out a volunteer project that helps others — young or old, individuals, organizations, churches, neighbors, families and businesses. Everyone can get involved.
A project could be collecting truckloads of clothing for the homeless or spending an afternoon helping an elderly neighbor or participating in a roadside or waterway cleanup in your community, like Rivers Alive.
Make a Difference Day is advertised as a “celebration of neighbors helping neighbors.” Isn’t that what all communities truly need?
If people would go back to helping neighbors in need and taking care of those less fortunate in our communities, we would need a lot less government intervention and a lot less government spending.
What the world really needs is more of us caring and reaching out to make a difference for others and for our Earth, without being told — or taxed — to do so.
Do you want to see results? Do you want to make a difference? Then join us for Rivers Alive. With more than 30 locations around wetlands, creeks, streams and rivers this year, there is a place that you can make a difference.
There are plenty of sites that can be cleaned on foot or by boat. Those cleaning marsh areas may need “highwaders.”
Last year, 422 local citizens came out and made a difference for our waterways.
We already have had nine cleanups, including St. Catherines Island, so consider joining us Saturday for our big day.
So, I will ask you again: Do you want to make a difference? Are you willing to share a few hours of your Saturday to benefit your community?
Call Keep Liberty Beautiful today at 880-4888 or email to register for one of the numerous cleanup sites across our county from Walthourville to Riceboro and Colonel’s Island.
We provide the cleanup supplies at each location and the first 350 registered volunteers will get free Rivers Alive T-shirts.
Our generous sponsor, SNF Chemtall, will prepare a delicious cookout at Riceboro Creek for all the volunteers who help on Oct. 22.
So call us today to commit to a local cleanup site and make a difference for our waterways — and see results!

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