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Here is food for thought for city, business leaders
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Now that we have a new mayor and some new City Council members, maybe City Hall can quit bringing in more grocery stores and restaurants and bring into the area what the people of Hinesville really need, like low-cost hearing-aid stores or centers like Sears Hearing Center in Savannah. For there is a great demand for a hearing-aid store, especially when the military no longer takes care of this need. The military will have a great demand for such a hearing center here in Hinesville. For I am a Vietnam veteran and lost 75 percent of my hearing in the U.S. Army, and Winn Army Community Hospital cannot meet my needs for a hearing aid, and the VA clinic in Hinesville doesn’t meet my needs unless you want to travel to Charleston, South Carolina, to the VA Hospital.

We also need a bookstore like Barnes & Noble. You would think with all the colleges and universities coming into Hinesville that you would have a bookstore, for Savannah has one. And when people go to Savannah, Hinesville loses out on money made in Hinesville leaving Hinesville for Savannah. We also need more computer stores like Best Buy and Office Depot.

The City Council should also think about using the threat of canceling business licenses of all the businesses who are driving up the cost of living in Hinesville and Liberty County.

For how can the cost of living be lower in Augusta, Georgia, home of Fort Gordon? All one needs to do is look at and compare the basic housing allowance and separate rations rates of Fort Stewart soldiers and Fort Gordon soldiers, which is based on the cost of living in that area. With the U.S. government trying to cut the cost of running the U.S. military, I would think that For Stewart soldiers and their families would be relocated to Fort Gordon and just keep open the training areas at Fort Stewart. For this would save a lot of federal tax dollars. For Augusta already has a county bus line and malls and the support of its military by the civilian population. And you don’t hear the people in Augusta complaining about property taxes like in Liberty County.

They also have an international airport just out the back gate of Fort Gordon down Tobacco Road. What does Liberty County have as far as an airport? For if Liberty County would use its resources right, that airport could be an asset.

For I hope this letter to the editor has got City Hall to think about what needs to be done to make the city of Hinesville a better place to live and has given businesses some insight that they need to lower prices in Hinesville. For it seems they all outpriced themselves. And when people can’t buy their products and services like Wal-Mart in Alma, Georgia, they close the store, and people lose their jobs. I could give them a class on economics, but I don’t have the time. And I have already written more than 500 words in this letter to the editor.

Yours truly,
Robert J. Wetmore

Editor’s note: Augusta Regional Airport does not have international flights. The only flights its website lists are to and from Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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