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Hinesville still has hospitality
Letter to editor

Editor, I came to live in the Hinesville area in 1970, when Hinesville was 6,500 population, and Liberty County was 17,000. Then Fort Stewart was activated, and now Hinesville is greater than 34,000, and Liberty County is greater than 64,000.

I left the area 15 years ago. I just knew that small hometown hospitality that I knew years ago had disappeared with growth.

Friday, Nov. 6, I was on my way through Hinesville to another destination. I broke down at the back gate of Fort Stewart on 119. It seemed almost immediately, three young soldiers stopped to help me. There were McMillan, Clay and, sorry, I did not catch the other’s name.

Paul Clark towed my car to JK&T in Hinesville. He was a genuine host for Hinesville.

When I arrived at JK&T, I met Carl Speed, and we talked over old times. He offered to carry me home to Guyton if my car had to stay overnight.

Even though Hinesville and Liberty County have grown exponentially, the old small hometown hospitality still existed. Go, Hinesville and Liberty County.

Doyle Mullis

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