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HomeProud Homes counter what broken windows bring
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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This month, we are accepting nominations for HomeProud Homes in Liberty County.  

HomeProud Homes make Liberty County a lovely place to live and work and play. We are asking you to nominate homes in your neighborhood or city that you feel demonstrate that they are HomeProud by being clean, attractive and well-maintained.

This biannual recognition program is our way of thanking local citizens who keep our community looking beautiful by keeping their yards and homes neat, clean and junk-free. This is not a “fluff” program. I know some people may not realize the value of clean, well-maintained homes, neighborhoods and streets, but in the last several decades, research has demonstrated that there is much value in well-kept communities.

I am sure that creating and sustaining safer neighborhoods and communities is not the first goal that comes to mind for most of us when we engage in maintaining our homes or participating in roadside and neighborhood cleanups.  However, it actually can be a valuable outcome for these types of activities. As I’ve written before, in August 2006, I was fortunate to be able to attend a presentation by Dr. George Kelling, who is well-known writing about the “Broken Windows” theory in his book “Fixing Broken Windows.”

The theory, which first came about in the 1940s, suggests that a broken window or any sign of neglect left unrepaired in a building or area sends a message that there is a lack of concern about the place. When this vandalism is ignored, the community and/or neighborhood open the door to additional negative behaviors and acts of vandalism and, ultimately, even more-serious crimes.

Sadly, this leads to neighborhood and community decline, because neglect and apathy have taken root in the community.

It is hard to believe that all of that can happen because of a broken window.

Kelling considers acts like littering and vandalism to be forms of incivility, and I agree. Tossing litter on the ground tells me that someone does not have any self-respect or respect for other local citizens in the community.  

I believe that the way this theory has been put into practice in countless neighborhoods and communities over the years means clean roads, litter-free green spaces and well-maintained neighborhoods can help a community thrive.

Let’s celebrate homeowners who lead the way in making our community what it should be. Do you know of a home that deserves that kind of recognition? It could even be your home. Contact us at Keep Liberty Beautiful this month by calling 880-4888 or emailing Share the address and name of the homeowners and even a cellphone picture, if you can.

Any home — no matter how fancy or simple — is eligible.

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