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Humanity lost, never regained
Letter to the Editor generic

Reconstruction is not enough.   

Even though the civil war has ended over a hundred years ago, the effect of generational genocide has continued throughout America. 

It is woven into every facet of American life from the school system, jobs, justice system and political system.  Many have become immune to this bias because any alteration is reinforced by society.  

It is society positive reinforcements that continue to perpetuate stereotypes, bigotry, racism, sexism and lack of empathy.  

This being said, we may have pasted through a period of reconstruction after the civil war; but in the heart and soul of many men who have not been enlightened, the old prejudices continue to linger well past the 21st century.

I usually don’t like confrontation, but this time, we had to make a stand.  After watching my husband being constantly antagonized by the neighbor, I supported his decision to place a “End Racism and Bigotry” post up in our yard.  

Not being a political message but a human dignity and mutual respect message, we were hoping that the message would resonant to my neighbor and all that drive by my house. 

The effect caused the opposite. The neighbor called the police.

This neighbor who lived in Idaho in the 1990’s developed what is called “Southern Pride”. 

Their house was adorn with confederate flags. His person constantly wore a confederate tee shirt. The car bore a confederate license plates. They embellished “Southern Pride”.

We decided to place a home security cameras after several incidents in the neighborhood.  I was surprised by my home security camera to see my neighbor change from wearing a “Southern Pride” confederate tee shirt earlier in the day to a greenish tee shirt when the police arrived. 

Thereafter, when the police departed, my neighbor changed back into his confederate tee shirt.  Therefore, it appears that the so-called southern pride must be a convenient expression.

 The next day, my husband noticed some poop in our breast cancer lawn display. It was observe in the center of the heart. We were very furious that he made a You tube video. It can be observed at Bempowered2000.

That being said, reconstruction after the civil war may have been an attempt to solve racial divide. But, there is no law or rule that can be passed that will give people an understanding of empathy, dignity and respect for others.  

There will always be a racial and ethnical divide if one doesn’t look into one’s own heart and ask the why, what, when and how.

 There is no constitutional amendment that will make a person a better human being.

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Donna Gamble


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