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This year marks my 15th year of employment with the Coastal Courier and also my last. I was recently blessed with a job offer up here in Chattanooga and felt it was time I planted a new foundation in the community where I now live and hope to serve. The decision was a difficult one to make, but it feels right.

There are countless people I want to thank. But I know that if I try to name each one, it would take too many pages to fill and inevitably I might leave someone out by accident. I started at the Courier as a receptionist and was mentored and taught everything by all the great people who worked there before, and some who still do. I worked hard each day and grew as a writer, reporter, magazine editor, sports writer, story-teller, photographer and all-around journalist.

I will really miss everyone. The folks in Liberty County and the newspaper are all like family to me. I was new to the area when I first started at the Courier in 2006. But the staff and the community were welcoming, warm and the epitome of true Southern Hospitality (and for some a true taste of Southern Sassiness, Bless Your Hearts). 

I had the wonderful opportunity to share the stories of so many of our talented athletes. Got to cover their high school careers and follow their successes in college and some even further into their professional careers. And let me say WOW because I don’t think everyone realizes just how many professional athletes are from our little home town. 

I had many adventures as a writer for Liberty Life Magazine. I got to see and travel to locations I would have never seen otherwise. I met some interesting and great people along the way and I will treasure those memories forever.

I got to hang out at all the community events with all the movers and the shakers who truly give their all to make Liberty County a great place to live and work. These great folks were at every community event, volunteering their services, time and efforts to make the community better.

I got to explore all the interesting and historical places within the County and help share the history with anyone who would listen. Of course, I also got to report on many things that weren’t necessarily positive. The crimes, murder cases, fires, wrecks, governmental shenanigans and so on.  But that was part of the job and I wasn’t afraid to be a watchdog for our community and report things as they occurred.

Needless to say, I probably pissed off a few people along the way. You’ll know who they are. Just see who is celebrating my departure. But again, it was part of the job and I think I did my job well.

My final day at the Courier will be Sept. 24. I wish I could invite you all to a massive going away party, but I am still working remotely and will continue to cover the community and the news until my final hour.

So, in the meantime I’ll still have a watchful eye on what’s going on in our community, a place I called home for 14 years and still miss to this day.

I still plan to write and freelance during my off-hours. And I plan to start blogging again to revive my Facebook Pages. I truly enjoyed sharing various stories, adventures and recipes on those pages and look forward to adding new content. If you are interested in keeping up with my shenanigans, feel free to follow me.

If you are interested in following my ghost hunting adventures (which I plan to resume very soon), you’ll find these here:

I have a Foodie page for everything food, kitchen and recipes here:

And I share news, stories, opinions, photos and a little bit of everything else on this page:

The memories, friendships, laughs and tears I’ve experienced throughout the past 15 years will always be in my heart and my mind.

I am proud of my accomplishments and proud of my work, but also, I’m ready to embark on this next chapter and see how far it takes me. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to save my personal email:

Most of you have my cell phone number already so feel free to give me a call anytime you wish. Until then, I’ll see you later and I love you all.

Patty Leon

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