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Inmates deserve better treatment

Dear Editor,

It sure is horrible how unnoticed the inmates are being treated because of Covid-19. The judges, lawyers, and court officials are all safe and sound but the prisoners’ constitutional rights to a fast and speedy trial are being thrown out the window. I know inmates such as my husband who has been incarcerated over 100 days and has yet to see a judge for his first appearance or even had his public defender even speak to him. He has no set court date. There are many more in the Liberty County Jail where he is incarcerated with the same problem. I understand the country is fighting COVID-19 but does that mean we lock these men and women up and throw away the key? I’ve tried contacting everyone I can and it’s always the same answer no real information just wait. Well that’s bull crap and someone should say something but no one will.

Heather Ysbrand


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