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Letter: Brown should be mayor
Letter to editor

Editor, I didn’t realize that I am related to Allen Brown until many years ago, when, at my mother’s subtle insistence, I drove from Miami, Florida, with three children in tow to attend a Hendry family reunion in Liberty County. Upon entering, I was greeted by Allen Brown and Buddy DeLoach, both of whom were conversing with my cousin, Ed Edwards.

When I asked them what they were doing there, the two of them replied affectionately in unison, “We are Hendrys. What are you doing here?”  
I am a Hendry, too, I answered.

In the 1800s, Alfred Iverson Hendry, my mother’s maternal grandfather (Allen and Buddy’s great-great-grandfather) was the only doctor in Liberty County and was elected the first mayor of Hinesville in 1894. (I learned in my research that his father, Alfred Iverson Hendry Sr., was a Georgia state senator from 1855-61.) And like many of his descendants, he was an active member and held leadership positions in his church, First United Methodist in Hinesville.

If good character traits are passed down through the generations, declared and taught to be important foundations, nurtured throughout one’s life and then displayed in the fair treatment of others, then I strongly believe that Allen Brown is the best-qualified candidate for mayor of Hinesville! He has been demonstrating his leadership skills for many years, from the football field to City Council, to significant roles within the Century 21 system and in his position as former mayor of Hinesville. A combination of outstanding leadership skills, integrity and fair treatment of all should be the qualities that voters want their mayor to demonstrate. Allen’s father (mayor of Hinesville from 1979-85) demonstrated these character traits and leadership abilities and taught his son the same by example. Another Hendry descendent, Buddy DeLoach, well-respected for his knowledge of government operation and integrity, served as mayor from 1987-91, prior to being elected to serve in the state Legislature. Allen was also previously at the helm during a large population growth period, 1992-99 and did a tremendous job in moving Hinesville in the right direction! So, it is evident that a strong desire to serve their community goes way back over
200 years with these Hendry folks!

Though I am not involved in politics, I feel that I know most of the locals who are. I know the ones with strong leadership skills and the ones who are known for their integrity and for being fair-minded. Hopefully, the voters will see these virtues and character traits as the criteria to elect Allen Brown. Oh, and don’t forget: It’s evident that along with the years of experience, Allen Brown loves Hinesville!

Most of us probably feel that we have not always been treated fairly in our work environments. Not all bosses are looking out for the welfare of their “flock” above their own interests!

Not many can say after working with someone for 23-plus years, they have never once felt that their boss wasn’t fair.

I can!

Anne C. Browning

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