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Letter to the editor: CenturyLink support lacking
Letter to the Editor generic


Remember when we had Coastal Utilities as our phone provider? And when we had good phone service? They had phone maintenance people and had a big office that they operated from, and they had another office downtown. And they could fix a phone problem right away.

For now we have CenturyLink that took out all the payphones in Hinesville and on Fort Stewart. And they have very little phone maintenance people in Liberty County to take care of phone problems. For our phone has been out of order for two weeks now, and our internet service has been out for over a year now, ever since CenturyLink started playing games with the security system.

For having a broken down phone system is very dangerous for the people who have to call in refills to the PX Pharmacy on Fort Stewart, especially when it comes to blood pressure medication. For I am glad I am not active-duty military, for if my phone system was not working, how would my Company call me if we went on alert?

For I have a Tracfone Android, which does not take the extra numbers to call in a pharmacy refill, because they want you to punch in a number for WACH Pharmacy and they want you to punch in the last four numbers of your social security number and then punch in the numbers of the items you need refilled. For the CenturyLink phone repair system works in the same manner, by punching in additional numbers. This means you cannot contact CenturyLink telephone repair to bring the landline back online.

For they must think Congressman Buddy Carter is a joke. And also the Georgia Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit is a joke.

For we need to go back to a phone company that will support its customers 100% and not 0%.

Yours truly, 

Mr. Robert J. Wetmore, Hinesville

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