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Letter to the Editor: Sara Brown brought joy to her many friends
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Dear Editor,

In 1968, we moved to Hinesville when my minister father was assigned to the First United Methodist Church of Hinesville. Then, we met Sara Waters Brown and a friendship developed which has lasted until word reached us of her passing last week. 

In those early years, our relationship was centered in the church. Sara and my mother were in the same Sunday School class and Sara led the class in singing while Mother played the piano. When I moved to Flora Ellen Street, and Cindie Rigdon joined me later, the relationship took a different turn, a turn of helping each other in whatever ways we could. Sara gave us gardening advice and we helped her gather information for her many projects and interests, did computer work for her and just generally became close. Whether it was gardening, buying new vehicles or going out to eat on Sundays after church, we did it together and enjoyed it.

I will never forget those Friday nights when we gathered at one of our homes for games of Rummi- kub, a game which is addictive. She actually contacted the lady who developed the game to check on a rule question. Sara taught us to play and was pleased when we mastered it so quickly. She even let us join with some of her other friends and touted our progress. Sara took her games seriously and talked about them frequently.

Also we will never forget Sara bouncing into our home, walking over to the organ we have, standing at the keyboard and turning out lively show tunes and popular songs. She also accompanied herself and us on her ukulele.

Words cannot tell how much we cared for her, have missed her since she has been in a distant city, and how honored we were to have known her and to have counted her a dear friend!

Judy Shippey

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