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Letter to the editor: Flag poles without flags — what gives?
Letter to the Editor generic


As a veteran, as a member of the VVA, American Legion, VFW, DAV and other patriotic organizations, I kinda wonder what the hell has happened to our respect for America. 

As I drive around Liberty County, I see flag poles with no flags. Flags fly which are truly unserviceable, flown upside down and just not cared for. Are we not a military community? If you or your concern or organization would like a class in US flag code, please contact me. As our young soldiers are once again heading into harm’s way, we must support them, and the simplest way is to show respect for our national colors.

I know of numerous places that have flag poles in front of their establishment, without a US flag. What gives?

Are we becoming a nation which is not willing to stand up for our beliefs? One nation, under God, with respect for all.

Dennis P. Fitzgerald, Dept of GA Junior Vice Commander; East Liberty County American Legion Post 321 Past Commander; 1st District, Past Commander; VFW and DAV member; Veteran and US Army Retired

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