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Mail isn't getting slower here

Editor In response to Mr Wetmore’s letter ‘Is our mail getting slower?” One word - Horse-puckey (or is that 2). President Trump is not omnipotent and cannot cure anything. However he has marshalled the government and private sector, at ‘warp speed’ to find a vaccine to counter this China borne virus.

The Post Office has been wastefully hemorrhaging money for years and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform have failed miserably in addressing the reasons why.

First Class letter mail has diminished drastically (thanks to the internet), while packages from Amazon etal have increased exponentially. Additionally these packages are being charged ridiculously discounted prices that citizens don’t enjoy resulting in decreased revenue.

The President doesn’t want to shutter the post office, but rather eliminate the waste and abuse of taxpayer (you and me) money. Additionally President Trump is opposed in Universal Mail Ballots (not absentee) due to rampant fraud resulting in counterfeit voting results. Following is just one of many GOOGLE results for voting mail fraud (https://www.dailysignal. com/2020/04/21/15election-results-that-werethrown- out-because-offraudulent- mail-in-ballots/) And just today https:// new-election-in-njrace-marred-by-mail-in-ballot- fraud-charges 

Liberty County has outstanding security for cast votes (I’m sure most jurisdictions as well). Vote in person if possible, to ensure your vote is properly tabulated.

It’s pandemic safer than going to Kroger or Walmart.


Bruce A McCartney

Retired Letter Carrier

Disabled Vet

Trade Hill Community 


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