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Media biggest losers in election
Original Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith
Smith was chairman of the Liberty County commission from 1998 to 2002. He is "OriginalJimmySmith" on our blogsite at - photo by File photo

Hillary Clinton is not the biggest loser of this election although she is certainly a loser in many ways. I think that there were a number of losers in this historical moment in time.

Perhaps the biggest loser was the entrenched establishment in Washington, D.C., and they needed to lose. It seems that those who have been in Washington for more than four to eight years forget where they came from and they forget who they are elected to serve.

Ever since Bush I uttered the words "New World Order" we as a nation have been in a serious decline. We have suffered huge trade deficits on all fronts. Our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time ever. Our deficit otherwise know as the overdraft on our bank account has doubled during the Obama administration.

When Bush II left office we were shouldering a deficit of approximately nine trillion dollars. Just eight short years later as Obama prepares to leave office our deficit rapidly approaches $20 trillion dollars.

The Saudi money along with George Soros and his friends dumped a billion dollars into the effort to elect Hillary. That billion dollars went toward the purchase of commercial advertising in our print as well as our broadcast media. All of our national media is owned by less than a dozen entities.

Super PACs have destroyed our government. Only those who were willing to be bought could attain success at the polls on election days.

Ambitious entrepreneurs discovered that they could line the pockets of governing officials and thereby get the rules bent to their satisfaction. Slowly but surely those ambitious businessmen achieved greater wealth as they contributed greater donations to politicians until it became almost impossible to achieve success in business without purchasing influence. Politicians and bureaucrats produced a steady stream of rules, regulations, licenses and fees along with endless inspections all of which hindered business.

Gradually our media ceased to be the watchdog of government as it became the adversary of free enterprise. The onetime greatest nation ever conceived suddenly had become the world police of many sovereign countries around the world. Our young men and women enlisted in our mercenary military and fought and died on foreign land at the will of the establishment in Washington.

America became the evil empire in the eyes of nations in Asia, Africa, Central and South America as well as China and Korea. Instead of the people of foreign lands admiring America they gradually came to hate us and one cannot blame them. We had become the biggest bully on the planet as we attempted to impose our will on tribal people in other countries.

How did this all happen in half a century?

I think it happened because our Fourth Estate disappeared into board rooms of giant corporations which owned our news outlets.

Our community watchdogs such as The Liberty County Herald and the Ludowici News were bought by power brokers who created alternatives such as the Hinesville Sentinal and The Star but gradually they all became rolled into one. Then that one went to sleep at the wheel.

No longer could we count on our local paper to keep us informed about the deeds and misdeeds of our governing officials. Suddenly one morning Liberty County was many millions of dollars in debt.

Once prominent publications became extremely biased and disregarded the will of the people as they became confident that they knew better than the deplorables just what was best for all of us. It became a bitter pill to swallow. Many of us steadfastly declined to take the medicine.

Huge sums of advertising revenue kept the conglomerations of media afloat in profits from legal ads as well as political ads.

Then on Nov. 8, 2016, a great movement which materialized gradually over the course of time culminated in a non politician who happened to be a very successful businessman becoming the winner of the presidency of the United States of America. Donald Trump had become the winner of the most grandiose position in the world.

Simultaneously the media, both print and broadcast, had lost its power to direct the outcome of the election of our president. I think it has been the largest number of voters to have ever voted in a single election. While the media died, the people had won big-time. The losers are many: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Soros, Clinton, Bush, Romney, Obama and most important of all, the media had been the biggest loser.

I have followed this Coastal Courier community blog site for a good many years along with my friends who contribute under the handle of "timeontarget" and "fireforeffect" and I hope we who take the time to offer opinion and commentary on this site will go forward from now to make this medium our community watchdog.

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