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National Sickle Cell Awareness Month
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

September is national Sickle Cell Awareness Month, designated by Congress to help focus attention on the need for research and treatment of sickle cell disease. The theme for this year is Sickle Cell Matters 2021.

Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder in which red blood cells may become sickled-shaped and harden.  For a baby to be born with sickle cell, both parents must carry a sickle cell trait.  Sickle cell is not contagious, and there is no universal cure. People of many ethnic backgrounds can have sickle cell.

About 1 in 13 African Americans carry the sickle cell trait, and many do not know they have it. If you or your family members want to know if you have the trait, you may request a screening test by going to The test is done in conjunction with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia and their partnership with LabCorp. Newborn screenings are done at birth. Adult screenings can help identify if you have sickle cell or is a carrier for the sickle cell trait.

What You Can Do

Donate blood to support transfusions.

Advocate for better treatment, education and research.

Educate others about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait.

Get tested for sickle cell trait if you are of African descent and do not know your status.

Support your local sickle cell organization, Tapestry Connections. 

Participate in our Sickle Cell Fundraiser Ride on Saturday, September 25. Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the ride starts at 10:00AM at the Riceboro Youth Center.  We welcome cars, trucks, motorcycles, and vans. This event is outside and covid 19 restrictions will be followed.

For more information contact Ms. Shirley Howard at 912-980-5319 or Dr. Deloris Mitchell at 912-977-3280.  Visit our Facebook page.

Dr. Deloris Mitchell

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