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New BI coach's system is working
Letter to editor
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Editor, A former coach at Bradwell Institute said after Jim Walsh was let go that it didn’t matter who got the job, because not even Nick Saban could turn the Tigers’ football program around. Since coach Saban already has a pretty good job, we were lucky enough to get Adam Carter.
The word “process” is used to describe a lot of what Nick Saban does at Alabama. Coach Carter has started his own process at Bradwell, and the first part of this process is doing things the right way. There are no entitlements at Bradwell. From the coaching staff to the seniors, down to the freshmen, everyone is treated the same.
Discipline covers a lot of different aspects in football, and everyone in the program is held accountable for himself and the team. Being where you are supposed to be on the field, your grades, how you act in and away from school as a representative of the Bradwell Institute football program — that’s all part of it.
Here’s a little story that proves what coach Carter has instilled in the players: After the Glynn County game, the players got back to the fieldhouse around midnight. They had to be back at 8:30 a.m. the next day to study film from the night before. A Tiger Touchdown Club member’s son was having his 12th birthday party, and some of the players were asked to attend and surprise the birthday boy.
Now those players — all of whom are starters — had just played one of the hardest games that they had played all year. They probably got to bed around 1 a.m., got up early the next day for film study and then were asked to come to a birthday party for a bunch of  10-, 11- and 12-year-olds.
Well, not only did they show up at the party wearing their game jerseys, they also played football and whiffle ball with about 20 kids for six or seven hours. Now, if that doesn’t make you proud of what these players’ parents and coach Carter have started at Bradwell, then there is not much hope for you. These are the kind of role models who we want our kids to look up to.
There are a handful of us who have seen how bad the football program was compared to where it is now. What Adam Cater and his staff have done is more than we could have hoped for.
The negative part of this story is that there are a few people (we know who they are) who want to tear down what is being done right with our program. The only reason I don’t name these people is that it would show the same lack of class that they have shown, and that is not part of the process.

— Robert M. Darby

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