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New voting laws won’t help insurrectionists
Patty Leon new

I read a story in the Chattanooga Times Free Press last week, that stated several of the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, have attorneys that are planning to use the defense that their clients were fed the BIG LIES repeatedly to the point that they believed it to be true. As one attorney stated, it was to the point of a “Cult-like acceptance of an alternate reality.”


The attorney for the Q-Anon Shaman went as far as calling his client brain-damaged and said, “The rioters deserved empathy,” arguing they’re not “bad people.” Their actions came, he said, after they were subjected to what he described as “propaganda” not seen since Adolf Hitler.

In other words, these lawyers are going to argue that their clients fell victim to the BIG LIE told and repeated by former President Donald J Trump. And that Trump is to blame.

In a nutshell these attorneys are going to argue that the only real BIG LIE is that Trump lied about massive voter fraud. And that their poor innocent clients were just gullible (for lack of a better word you could insert here).


Trump, by the way, continues to say he won by a landslide, with zero evidence and is still hanging on to his BIG LIE to maintain his base.

And the Republican Party is pushing new voting laws across the U.S. because they also need to carry forth the message that the 2020 Election was ripe with voter fraud.

Now let me set the record straight. There are certain sections of the different bills I approve. We should be required to show ID and I agree with some of the other provisions in the various bills in Georgia, Texas and elsewhere.

But I do not approve of the language added to the Texas bill that according to the Washington Post states, “Language was inserted in the bill making it easier to overturn an election, no longer requiring evidence that fraud actually altered an outcome of a race — but rather only that enough ballots were illegally cast that could have made a difference.”


How would you like it if someone came up to you and said you murdered someone and you were arrested and the law stated, we no longer require evidence that you killed someone? If someone said you did it, well then you did it.

Actually, this has been happening to men of color for YEARS! Many who were imprisoned for decades for crimes they didn’t commit. Most simply indicted because a White person claimed they saw them do it. The list is endless and continues to this day.

Hey insurrectionists!

We no longer require evidence (even though the whole world watched what you did LIVE on TV), that you broke the law! Everyone said you all did it so tough cookies and serve your time!

If this portion of the Texas voting law is allowed to stand, we are on a quick one-way path to dictatorship.

If that is their defense these insurrectionists don’t stand a chance. Now they feel betrayed by Donald J Trump. But the pro-Trump party they supported is speaking out against the very defense their lawyers plan to use. They maintain the election was fraudulent, so, how can their attorneys now say otherwise?

The pro-Trump party the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol for, have cast out the last true remaining Conservative Republicans, the real GOP, saying they are RINOS (Republicans in name only).

The pro-Trump party you thought had your back, has MOVED ON (but can’t seem to move on from Benghazi, Roe vs Wade, or a Biden/China connection that lives in their heads). And won’t even allow a commission to be put together that might help your case by saying, yep Trump is partly to blame for pushing your buttons.

Another article pointed out that, “Lawyers for the Oath Keepers urged a federal judge to toss out a lawsuit accusing the group, former president Donald Trump, lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani and another far-right organization of inciting the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, calling its actions a form of peaceful political protest protected by the First Amendment.”


If that was a peaceful protest, I don’t want to hear another word about all the other 2020 summer riots that stemmed from Black Lives Matter and other Civil Rights Organizations. If the Jan.6, riot was so peaceful why are people dead, wounded and suffering from PTSD.


Any form of protest or gathering that turns destructive and violent are not peaceful gatherings or rallies and that includes the Jan. 6, insurrection.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out!


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