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No need to lead with suspect's profession in crime stories
Letter to editor
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Editor, I have been an dedicated subscriber and reader of the Coastal Courier for some 30 years. Never have I seen an article begin:
Kroger employee arrested for child abuse ...
Walmart cashier involved in serious wreck ...
McDonald’s cook victim of phone scam ...
So then why do your articles involving the military begin with: “A Fort Stewart soldier has been arrested and charged with ... ”
Often, a person’s employment is an interesting issue, and in those cases, I would think that fact might be included further down in the article. When used as it was in Sunday’s story about the man arrested in the dog-abuse case, it tends to quickly cast the military in a negative light.
Remember, one of the most troubling problems the military has is that it must recruit from the general population of America.

— Joe Gillam

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