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Nominate attractive homes, businesses
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Research indicates there are key ingredients for creating a thriving community that attracts new businesses and residents. I want to focus on the ones that deal with the appearance of our community.
We have many of the basic components for a great quality of life and that ability to thrive in Liberty County. Many of the lifestyle qualities that urban dwellers yearn for are found right here: a slower pace of life; friendly people; the chance to have neighbors and actually know them; vast, open green spaces; beautiful scenery; small and interesting shops and businesses, not just big corporate stores; a deep sense of history; attractive, inviting commercial areas and neighborhoods; and festivals, parades and other community events.  
Sure, some of these may need some fine-tuning, but we have the basis for success. Most people and businesses are seeking communities with a sense of authenticity, not cookie-cutter versions of other cities around them. I hope we remember that as we grow here in Liberty County and work to enhance the unique advantages we have.
We have many businesses that figured out long ago that being attractive is inviting. Many homeowners here understand that their properties are reflections of who they are. So let’s recognize and thank these folks for taking pride in their properties and representing all of us so well in Liberty County.
Join us this month in honoring property owners who make the extra efforts that reflects positively on our whole community. We are accepting nominations for the quarterly Win-dex Awards, which recognizes attractive businesses, and for the HomeProud Program, which honors attractive, well-maintained homes and yards.
Win-dex Awards nominations are being accepted through June 30 and give you a chance to pick a business you think deserves a pat on the back for looking good. In the last seven years, the awards have recognized over 50 local businesses.
The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Keep Liberty Beautiful sponsor the Win-dex Awards recognition program.  
These attractive — and successful — businesses “attract” more new businesses to our community because they make our whole community look good. More successful businesses can mean more good jobs and a healthier economy for our community.
Here are some points to consider as you decide on a nomination:
• Is the exterior clean and litter-free?
• Is the landscape well-maintained?
• Is the building exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
• Is the right of way mowed and litter-free?
• Is the sidewalk and parking area clean and maintained?
• Are attractive plantings decorating the exterior, and is the entryway inviting?
• Have they recently upgraded or renovated?
• What sets this business apart from others?
We also take into consideration whether these businesses are active in programs that promote a clean community, like Adopt Liberty and municipal cleanups.
We also ask you to nominate homes that you feel demonstrate that they are HomeProud by being clean, attractive and well-maintained.  These properties represent us well.
Take a look at your home and yard through the eyes of others. I know there is much more to life that outward appearances; however, how we take care of our home space day in and day out has a powerful effect on us and those around us. Potential businesses definitely make assumptions about our whole community by how it appears.
It does not matter how much money you may have or how educated you are. All of us can keep our yards clean and litter- and junk-free and make our homes neat and trimmed. The appearance of our homes and our neighborhoods reflects on us personally and affects our neighbors, so be a good neighbor and keep things looking good.
Do you know of a home or business that deserves recognition? Contact us at Keep Liberty Beautiful this week by calling 880-4888 or emailing
For the HomeProud program, share the address and names of the homeowners and a picture, if you can. Any home in Liberty County, no matter how fancy or simple, is eligible.
For the Win-dex Awards, nomination forms are available at the KLB office at 9397 E. Oglethorpe Highway in Midway, or at the chamber office (368-4445) at 425 W. Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville. You also can email  and include the information requested on the form — business name, contact and location and why you are nominating them. Remember that your reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging of the awards, so fully explain why this business is deserving of recognition.
Let’s be Liberty proud and thank these local property owners for leading the way.

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