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OMI contract costs city of Hinesville more than it is worth
Letter to the editor
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Editor, I am writing in reference to the article in last Sunday’s paper about the OMI contract. I cannot understand why the city of Hinesville is paying some contractor to oversee the city’s public works. The OMI contract is what is costing the city of Hinesville millions of dollars every year.

I just cannot bring myself to understand this situation. With all the new technology that is being used today, why are you — the citizens and the city council — letting this kind of mismanagement of your money continue? Enough is enough. How much of your taxes is it going to take?

You have members who have been on the city council for more than 20 years. I would like to know why.

Another thing I am concerned about: When the city had to pay for mismanagement, did they get a new manager and an outside source to tell the taxpayers that this is what you all should do to correct things? No!

Is that why our taxes are so high when there has been so much improvement in the city? So many new houses have been built, so much more money for taxes paid in, so where is it? What is it? Who is it? Why is it? When will it change? What is going to happen next? I guess only the city manager knows!

Now, this is my opinion and observation. Look at what happened in Savannah with the city manager. It didn’t take long, did it? That’s how business is done. You don’t go and get an outside source. All it takes is for some people who have been elected to stand up and be all that we ask of them.

Look out for the betterment of the city. Just ask yourself, “What’s next?” I guess (maybe) the truth will finally come after the city manager retires.

— Joseph Kelly

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