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Patty Leon: Let the investigation run its course
Patty Leon new

Needless to say, there is still a segment of the population that is losing their minds over the recent FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida club that is the home of former President Donald J. Trump.

The same folks who lambasted the Democrats for demanding they “defund the police” during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests are now foaming at the mouth and calling to abolish and dissolve the FBI, the DOJ, the ATF and everything else they can.

Makes sense, right? The party of law and order and “Back the Blue” has suddenly had a quick change of heart. They demand that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland explain himself. The GOP vows revenge and plans to arrest everyone responsible once the they regain full control in D.C.

And, of course, they’ll launch a full-scale investigation into Hunter Biden and his laptop — just because. Got to keep that trending on Twitter, you know.

Some have outright threatened Garland and the Department of Justice. The sheep soon followed, arming themselves to the teeth and hitting the streets. One person even tried to ambush an FBI office — though that didn’t end too well for him.

The GOP is saying the FBI was weaponized by the Democrats. The Democrats are saying the GOP weaponized the radical “Christian national” Supreme Court. Round and round we go — where this stops, nobody knows.

And in the meantime, not much gets done!

In typical Trump fashion, the former president called the FBI raid a witch hunt, the likes of which no other president has ever seen or endured.

We have learned that he did have boxes of “top secret,” “highly classified” documents. We also learned he was subpoenaed months ago and could have avoided this raid if he had returned those documents immediately.

But got to blame others, am I right?

The GOP’s new BIG LIE is that the FBI planted the evidence. (If you are not sure what the older BIG LIE was, they kept claiming the 2020 election was rigged and stolen when it wasn’t.)

If we are going to go full-blown conspiracy theory — and trust me, there are some doozies out there — let’s go full throttle.

I kind of like the one that claims Trump offed his ex-wife by having someone shove her down her staircase. The theory is that Ivana was cremated — yet we all know she was buried in a fullsize, gold-lined casket, interred at Trump’s golf course.

But I wonder what other “secrets” were buried with her. Funny how the Saudis got to play golf near her burial site. I wonder what else, besides huge amounts of money, was exchanged during that event.

Many are saying the raid on the home of a former sitting president is unprecedented. Perhaps so, but then again, we’ve never had one quite like Trump — a twice-impeached, one-term president and well-known habitual liar.

First, he said he didn’t have any documents. Turns out he did, so he changed his story to say he had already declassified those documents. But nobody can produce that nit-picky tiny little thing we call evidence to prove otherwise.

Where’s Mr. My Pillow Guy? Didn’t he say he had evidence of 2020 election fraud? Could he be the saving grace to prove the FBI planted evidence?

Better yet, who on the inside told the FBI about the documents? Who spilled the beans about the location of the safe? The editorial staff of the National Enquirer are dying to know and tell.

People are miffed because Trump is being investigated. Trump is a Republican, so right now it’s the GOP who are riled up and mad.

I can recall when the Democrats were hacked off during the whole Bill Clinton–Monica Lewinsky fiasco. How dare the GOP impeach Clinton!

Looking back, Clinton’s “crime” is something quite commonplace in politics these days. But our nation’s law must be upheld. Nobody is above the law, and that includes a current or former sitting president.

The GOP and the Democrats need to let the investigation run its course. Everyone needs to quit making threats toward law enforcement and others. The House and the Senate need to focus on the tasks their constituents elected them to do.

The government is here to serve we the people, not just one man.

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