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Pay for P.O. box on time or face fee
Letter to editor
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Editor, I never would have thought a small block of wood measuring about 1.5 inches by 2 inches could make me so angry.
On July 17, I went to the post office in Ludowici for my mail and in the post-office box, along with my mail, was this small block of wood. A friend of mine who was standing there told me he knew of another person who found a piece in her box, too.
I went into the post office to ask what it was for and was told it should have prevented me from opening my box. They said I hadn’t paid my box rent and there would be a $21 late fee. I told them I hadn’t received a notice and was informed that notices had been put in the boxes and this charge was on the computer. I had no choice but to pay if I wanted to keep my box.
That same morning, in one hour, I found eight more friends of mine who had the same thing happen to them. I told them in the post office this couldn’t be a coincidence and surely they must have failed to put notices in our boxes. The answer, then, was that they aren’t required to put notices in our boxes — this is a complementary service.
 So be aware, consumers, of the date your box fee is due or a whopping $21 late fee will be added to your rent.

— Janis Goode

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