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Pick up trash, stop speeding on Rye Patch
Letter to editor
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Editor, I am a concerned taxpayer who lives on Rye Patch Road across the street from Rye Patch Kennels. In my opinion, I believe we live on the most neglected road in Long County. It is embarrassing to tell anyone I live on Rye Patch Road because of the amount of trash along the sides of the road. The amount of trash is awful, and I have requested in the past through, I believe it was Bobby Walker, to possibly have the prisoners pick up trash. I don’t know all the specifics, but it seems like it’s free labor to me; but regardless, someone has to take notice and do something about it. Here are some suggestions:
• Prisoner labor
• Some littering signs — absolutely none are on Rye Patch Road
• Adopt a stretch of road
• Have trash trucks slow down and check their equipment because I have seen a truck drive down the road with trash flying out
• Maybe some “Take pride in your community” signs or something similar
My next concern is the unhindered speeders on this road. Rye Patch Road is like a drag strip, especially around the end of the day when people are coming home. There is no doubt in my mind that a county sheriff could hand out no less than 20 tickets in one afternoon if he sat at the corner near Rye Patch Kennels where the road turns into a straightaway. How long before someone is killed? The 45 mph speed sign is a joke because it’s not enforced — you might as well have someone take it down. Liberty County and the Georgia State Patrol have periodic checkpoints at the county line. That’s about it except for the periodic sheriff’s deputy car passing by, but it’s not nearly enough. In my seven years living in our house, I never once have seen a car pulled over for speeding on Rye Patch Road.
I work hard for my money, and I pay my taxes. We have started to question where we live and are actually considering moving because of the amount of trash on our road and the numerous cars flying by our house.
Does Long County have public meetings where concerned citizens can raise issues?
My next step is to contact more newspapers and news stations because someone has to start looking into this and doing something about it.
The most expensive thing about picking up the trash is going to be the cost of the trash bags because it’s going to take a bunch.

— CSM (ret.) Randall Sumner

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