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Plant a tree with us for Arbor Day 2020
Arbor Day 2020

Have you thanked a tree lately for all of the good stuff they do for us? February is a good time to do so if you have been taking our trees for granted. Georgia’s Arbor Day is celebrated annually in February. So take a few moments to be thankful for the many benefits we receive from trees. February 14th and 15th Keep Liberty Beautiful will be giving away trees which will help increase our tree canopy in Liberty County. Each year Keep Liberty Beautiful has a tree giveaway on the weekend of Arbor Day to encourage local citizens to grow trees. This will be our 12th year and we invite you to join us in this tree planting effort. 

On Friday, February 14th, at Farmers Natural Foods (from 9 a.m. until noon) and Saturday, February 15th at the sites of our quarterly Recycle It! Fairs (in Hinesville, Midway, and Walthourville from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.) we will be distributing trees at four locations. This year we are offering local citizens, schools, businesses, churches, and cities interested in tree planting to reserve a tree during the week of February 4th through February 8th. The limited number of trees we have are reserved very quickly so I urge you to reserve your tree online at and search: or contact us at (912) 880-4888. We will have dogwoods, Willow oaks, Magnolias, Yellow Popular tree, and crape myrtles (red, white, lavender, and pink) and maybe a few other varieties. Trees are limited so we can only offer one tree per household, while our supplies last.

Why do trees matter? Let me share several reasons why you should plant trees: 

Trees clean the air. Trees give off oxygen — so we can breathe! Be thankful for that!

Trees shade and cool. In a hot summer it is sooo easy to be thankful for a shade tree.

A tree is a natural air conditioner. The evaporation from a single tree can produce the cooling effect of ten room-size, residential air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Trees reduce stress. The color green and views of nature de-stress us and help us relax. Doesn’t everyone need a calming effect these days?

Trees — and nature — even have a healing effect on patients in hospitals. Hospital patients all need a room with a view.

Trees improve the soil. They also deter erosion and reduce stormwater runoff.

Trees reduce violence. Yes, really! Tree lined streets have lower crime rates!

Trees increase property value. Homes well landscaped with trees sell for 5% to 15% more. Doesn’t that make you want to have more trees?

Trees enhance the view. Strategically-placed trees can screen unattractive views and soften the harsh urban hardscape of masonry, metal, asphalt, steel and glass.

Trees bring people together. People walk and jog more on shaded streets which encourages interaction with neighbors and improves the sense of community.

Trees support and provide habitat for wildlife. Everybody on our planet needs a place to live.

Well-placed trees can also reduce noise pollution (like traffic) by 40%. 

So join us this month as we increase the tree canopy in our communities.

And do not forget:

Our Recycle It! Fairs will be held on Saturday, February 15th are open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. These locations are:

➤ Liberty County Health Department, 1113 East Oglethorpe Hwy. in Hinesville.

➤ Liberty County Community Complex, 9397 East Oglethorpe in Midway.

➤ Walthourville City Hall, 222 Busbee Drive in Walthourville; the Shred It! Event will also be available here.

For more information or to reserve a tree during the week of February 4th through 8th, contact Keep Liberty Beautiful at at (912)880-4888 or 

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