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The power of his resurrection
easter cross

As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, I would like to focus your attention on celebrating not just the event, but remembering the POWER of it! 

Too many people gather for this occasion merely out of tradition and custom. It becomes a time when the focus goes to programs, fashions and events to highlight the children in the church. 

While, I am not writing to belittle these customs, I am writing to remind everyone of the significance of the resurrection. 

The power of the resurrection displays the love and power of the Father toward us. It was the love of the Father that moved Him to provide the only sacrifice that could redeem and restore fallen mankind.  What an awesome and enduring love, that compelled the heart of the Father to give His only begotten son. The power of His love should move us to display love to one another. The power of His amazing love should lead us to want to please Him and live lives that display the love of the Father. 

The power of the resurrection should remind us that there is a force above every force in nature. The power to defeat the curse of sin and death are shown through the power of the resurrection. As we focus on the power of the resurrection, it should give us an eternal hope and expectation that no circumstance or situation is limited. The power of the resurrection declares ultimate victory over failure, sickness, poverty and even death! 

So, this year as you attend service, place your focus on the power of the risen Savior. Resurrection Day is a time of rejoicing and declaring in confidence that “We are truly more than conqueror because our Savior lives and reigns!” Resurrection power, is “Getting up power!” 

Let’s celebrate and be glad for the power of the Resurrected Savior that lives in the heart of every true believer in Jesus Christ! Happy Resurrection Day.    

K.E. Brown is the Pastor of Destiny Christian Center and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance. 

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