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Reader finds new website 'too busy'
Letter to editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor:  Although I always felt the old website had its limitations I now realize after checking this new website for the last 30 minutes that although you do have categories at the top similar to what you had before such as “News”, “Obituaries”, “Sports”, “Video”, “Classified/Legals”, “Regional Events, “Stewart Frontline”, “Liberty Life”, “Pennysaver”, and “Contact Us” that no matter what category we click on we are inundated with ads at the top, both sides of page viewing, and below it in bigger bolder viewing than the actual articles you have in the middle. You also no longer have a list of these articles which used to allow us to choose what we wanted to read first. Now we must scroll down every article to see what it is there. IMHO this is unacceptable and especially our being blasted with ads from top, sides, and below an article. Each page is simply too busy, which to me is extremely annoying .

I realize you need business ads to run a decent business like this but IMHO it should not take up to as much as 75% of viewing or have it flashing at us to the point we are unable to find what is actually local news and events.

I realize it is your business and you have a right to choose how you portray yourself as a newspaper business offline as well as online but also realize that we your customers may get annoyed enough to cancel our subscriptions. But, then again, maybe it won’t happen and perhaps I am in the minority feeling the way I do regarding seeing more ads than actual articles of interest to those of us living in Liberty County and the city of Hinesville.

I guess only time will tell.

Carol Surzinski


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