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Reader laments political correctness
Letter to editor

Editor, PC — political correctness or political crap? If you haven’t seen the latest Kia commercial, watch it the next time it comes on. The father is walking back to his Kia holding a trophy that his son received. It said, “Participant.” The father pulled off the label and wrote “champs,” as his son’s team won all of its games. It is ridiculous that we are coddling our children and afraid that we might hurt their “self-esteem” just because they lost.

My wife, who is a housewife, is now a domestic engineer. Criminals are now behaviorally challenged, a dishonest person is ethically disoriented, and my favorite — a dead person is living impaired. What are we doing?

Growing up Italian meant that I was called several slurs. Of course, I gave back just as strong. It was a part of growing up. None of us took it personally, as everyone seems to do today. Some schools won’t allow a popular nursery rhyme to be spoken (“Ten Little Indians”). In fact, the kids can’t be told to sit Indian-style. We might insult an Indian.

You can’t say that you were gypped by someone, as you might offend a gypsy. “No comments from the peanut gallery” is an insult, as the origin of this term comes from the fact that peanuts were introduced by the slave trade. “Take the cake” was symbolic of a prize for a victory in ancient Greece, but this term was popularized in the African-American community. So it is racist.

They even want to change the name of the Washington Redskins’ football team. It’s insensitive. I really don’t think the Indians care one way or another. Any reference to man is now gender insensitive. You can’t be a policeman, cowboy, foreman, etc. You are now a police officer, cow hand and shift boss. All men have been neutered.

Talking about insensitivity, I want all Mafia movies banned from the theaters and TV, as they are hurtful to Italians. I want all police shows eliminated, as they are insensitive to the criminal’s behavior. Criminals are people, too. How about pulling all “Road Runner” cartoons? After all, not all coyotes are like Wile E. Coyote. Yes, I know I am being facetious, but so is society today.

In some schools, students can’t wear jewelry, as the cross or Star of David might offend atheists. They can’t even wear national symbols, such as the American flag, on their clothes or show support for their parents in the military by wearing clothes that endorse any branch of the military. Don’t even think of saying a prayer. Maybe the schools think that a prayer might offend God — or is it Satan?

It’s time that you __________ (fill in the blank with your insensitive name) stop overreacting to every word or action that might offend someone or be insensitive to their feelings. We will all survive without your help.

Len Calderone

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