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Rededicating Jack Carter Park
Gary Gilliard
Gary Gilliard

Proverbs 3:27 tell us, Withhold not good from whom it is due, when it’s in the power of thine hand to do it.

On Sunday, Oct. 20 in our old Rebecca Street neighborhood, Hinesville City Councilwoman Diana Reid and I sponsored a re-dedication/ribbon cutting of Jack Carter Park.  

The park is named in memory of Jack Calvin Carter who was one of the first Black Business owners in Hinesville and Liberty County.  

The land for “The Playground” as we affectionately call it, was donated by Carter. 

In the late 60’s the basketball court was paved and students from Hineshaw Elementary School walked around the corner to take PE. Over the years the park has been maintained by the city’s public works department but was in need of a major overhaul.

Reid and I both grew up in this neighborhood and when asked to replace the old water fountain, Reid contacted me and I asked the city and county to help fund the renovation of this historic site.  

Located in the heart of Hinesville’s Historic District, The Playground helped produce some of Liberty County’s greatest athletes.

We would like to thank those that were able to attend. The family of Mr. Jack Carter to include his daughters Mrs. Inez Simmons, and Mrs. Gracie Scott and their families’.  Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown, Councilman Jason Floyd, and Councilman Keith Jenkins. Carolyn Smith-Carter from the Liberty County Board of Education, who was born and raised on Rebecca Street. 

The First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Family including Deacon Walter and Deacon Chris Reid who were both raised in this neighborhood as well. 

And I want to thank The Home Team for always setting up tables, chairs, and cooking time and again.

Being able to give back to the community in which you live is what it’s all about and it’s a true blessing.  Several of us from the neighborhood are also working to form a foundation to restore Hineshaw Elementary and we will make this a group effort as well.

God bless.

Gary Gilliard, Liberty County Commissioner, District 5.  

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