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Remembering a good neighbor
Letter to the editor


I’m writing to add to the memorials to Mr. Hulon Smiley, who died recently.

At one time several years ago, my grandparents, Marion and Bessie Salter, were neighbors of his and were in failing health. He visited them regularly, checked on them and helped them in so many ways — even helped load my grandfather into an ambulance in the middle of the night. My family is, and will always be, grateful for the kindness he showed to them and my parents. After my dad died, Mr. Hulon came to my mom’s place with his tractor and prepared her garden for planting. Those who knew her will understand that this was no small thing.

So thank you, Mr. Hulon, for being a good friend and neighbor. We will always remember and honor you for the good man you were.

Myrtice Wells Edwards and the Theodore and Willie Lee Wells family

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